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Having a car or truck is one thing, and another to use and maintain it. As you enjoy driving your car, you need to ensure you have certain tools to help in case of emergencies. The worst thing that can happen is having a flat tire yet you do not have an extra one. That is why you need to be prepared always. Ensure you have essential car accessories in your car at all times. They will save you a lot of frustration and time.

That said, it is important to look into the must-have car accessories. They are many but here are few, most important ones.

Jump cables

These are helpful when your car battery ‘dies’ and you are having problems starting your car. You will need a vehicle with a working battery if you do not have an extra battery. Jump cables will connect your car battery to the other. This way, you find a way to charge your car and keep going wherever you were headed to.

External battery

Instead of having to wait for another car to jump-start your battery, you can always carry around an extra external battery. It will be helpful in situations where waiting for another car is impossible, or when you do not have any jump cables.

Some batteries are multipurpose for example DBPOWER. It can jump-start your car and has a charging port for your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. The battery can also boost your internal battery.

Spare tire

A flat tire is devastating whether you are in a hurry or not. It may even ruin your day, affect your schedule and cost you your job. That is why you should always have a spare tire as one of your car accessories. It should be in good shape too. Imagine you are on your way to an interview, one of your tires goes flat and the spare tire you have is not that good. You will, of course, use the spare but one thing for sure, you will not be sure whether it will get you to the venue of the interview on time. It will be a matter of luck.


A flashlight is essential especially during the night. It is fine to rely on your phone but having a flashlight is a great idea. It has stronger, brighter light. Besides, your smartphone’s battery may be low that using its flashlight would be impossible. Save yourself the trouble and buy a flashlight instead.

Gas can

One gallon of gas is enough for your trips on the road. Without gas, your car cannot move that is why you need to have a gas can in your car. It will come in handy at times when you least expect a gas problem. 1 gallon is an affordable amount, considering its benefits for your car.

First aid kit

Accidents are bound to occur when driving or traveling. With a first aid kit, you can stop bleeding of cuts before heading to the emergency room. The first aid kit has other tools that would be helpful. Therefore, make sure you have one in your car. You never know when you will need it. There are many kits in the market that come in small sizes so they take up less space in your car making it easy to carry.

Basic tool kit

This is designed for your car. There are problems you can fix in your car using the tools in the toolkit. Pliers helps with tightening bolts and nuts, a wrench is helpful too. Other items in the kit would include allen keys and zip ties.

Ice scraper

Winter is the season when snow and ice become problems for car owners. Ice is very cold and using your bare hands to scrap it off your car is a bad idea. You will freeze even before you get started. Instead, use a tool specially made for the task called an ice scraper. It is easy to use, small and efficient. With it, removing ice on your car is an easy task. It is a matter of minutes and you are good to go.

Having the discussed car accessories is very important. They keep you going on the road, keep you safe and save you from frustrations. Of course, there are many other accessories you can add to the list, but these ones are the most important.  

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