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Wireless speakers have changed the game in terms of the available speakers in the market today. The pact at which they have gained recognition and thus yielded demand has been rapid. Nowadays, it is hard to find an electronics vendor without wireless speakers for sale in his or her shop. Such speakers vary widely in shape, size and the wireless connection used on them. New models come up in the market every other day in a bid to outwit competition making the wireless speakers market ever changing and adaptable as well.

AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Other Options

AirPlay is among the many different gadgets under the Apple umbrella. Through this feature, gadgets like the iPhone, iPad and also Mac can stream music from their iTunes storage. AirPlay allows a consumer to stream music and send information regarding the tracks on the display features available on the speakers. As with Apple products, the AirPlay is limited to Apple products only.

This feature is not adaptable on the android tablets and much more. Again, with many Apple products and the AirPlay being no exception, the price is relatively higher than that of Bluetooth speakers. Other features of the AirPlay include its heavy and requires a lot of power for it to run efficiently as required.

As a result, it is not as portable as other speakers notably the Bluetooth speakers. Lastly, it is slow in responding to commands one enters on the iPhone or iPad more so when there is a sudden change and or interference.

Bluetooth for starters lacks in features what AirPlay has plenty. For many, the Bluetooth wireless speakers support substantially more devices in comparison with AirPlay thereby increasing its demand. It works in the same way as Bluetooth is used, that is, pairing must take place. The downside of this is that streaming can only be done to one speaker at a time. They are relatively lower in price if one is to compare them to the AirPlay speakers.

Another plus is that Bluetooth speakers can function by using rechargeable batteries which enhances their portability as one can carry them from room to room and even outside the house. However, there are more powerful Bluetooth speakers in existence which require additional amounts of power for their functionality and because of this feature, traveling with them is no easy task but the sound that comes from them is worth the effort.

There are other types of speakers, for example, the Wi-Fi-based audio rooms that are good but with a poor success rate. Sonos wireless audio systems propelled by Wi-Fi are increasingly becoming popular and used by many and the sound that emanates from these machines is quite impressive as well. It is worth looking for it if an individual is disgruntled by both Bluetooth speakers and AirPlay.

In assessing the speakers, there are also other aspects one needs to look at before purchasing them namely;

Amount of power used and portability

Power goes hand in hand with portability. If a speaker is powerful it requires a lot of power for it to run and as such makes it difficult for one to move with it as it will run for a short time before it runs out of power. The built-in batteries of most Bluetooth speakers make them highly portable increasing one’s convenience when using them.

Wi-Fi-based speakers are large and require a lot of power. This, in turn, translates to them being plugged in often for them to play. That diminishes its level of portability as moving it from one place to another affects functionality.

Aesthetics and Price

Price is a colossal determining factor when choosing anything and speaker are no exception. There are normally two types of consumers, one who is guided by price and the other being, one who has enough money and is being guided by aesthetics or the underlined extra features that come with the speakers. For a person guided by price, Bluetooth would be the preferred choice and the latter (guided by aesthetics) taking the AirPlay.

The AirPlay is not pocket-friendly to many but has some unique features that make it enticing to the premium buyer. For starters, one can play simultaneously across different gadgets.

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