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There are certain devices that make you more comfortable in your car and give you an easier time when driving. Here are some of the car accessories to consider purchasing.

2-inch Blind spot mirrors

They keep you aware of what is happening on the road such as careless drivers and dangerous sections of the road. They give you a wide view fostering safety on the road. They are adjustable at all angles.

Drop stop

You probably have dropped your phone, keys or anything else in the space between seats in your car. Retrieving is an inconvenience when driving. To prevent this, consider buying a drop stop. It fills up or covers the space.

DashGrip gel pads

When you place something on the dashboard, it is likely to fall as you drive the car. There is a solution to this. The dash grip from Heininger is a recommendable product. It does not leave behind any marks whatsoever. Use it to keep in place your phone, coins, keys and other things.

Air freshener

After long miles of traveling, your car may have fishy smells of fuel, food and people odor. Use an air freshener to solve this.

Flat tire fixer

It is devastating when you realize your tire is flat. You have to fix it. Think of buying and driving along with a can of Fix A Flat. It is useful. Simply attach the hose of the can to your car tire and see it get back to its original state.

Digital tire gauge

You definitely have stopped to refuel your car and add air in the tires. However, having a device that can tell you if you need air in your tires saves you time. Tekton tire gauge is worth buying for your car.

Window breaker/ seatbelt cutter

These tools can save lives on the road. For instance during an accident and someone is stuck on the car seat, you need something to cut loose the belt. A window breaker will create space for the person to get out of the car before it is too late.

Seat cushion

This is essential especially when driving or traveling for long hours. It adds comfort to the seat reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Neck pillow

This also exists for comfort purposes. It supports your neck in the car preventing neck pains, ensuring you are comfortable enough.

Wet/dry vacuum

Hygiene is important in your car. You do not have to go to the car wash every time it gets dirty. At times, you can do it yourself with a wet/dry vacuum. It saves on cash, fuel and time too.

Litter basket

Get one that is leak-proof. I mean what is the work of having a litter basket in the car when it cannot prevent the liquids from leaking.

Car dashboard video recorder

Monitor and follow up everything that happens with your car using a video recorder. It can be helpful in several situations. For example, it can serve as strong evidence during compensation negotiations or lawsuits after an accident.

Electric blanket

Consider Trademark Plaid Blanket. It will protect you from the cold at night and during cold mornings. The 12volts are efficient enough.

Rubber floor mats

Dampness in your car is a health hazard. Besides, it can be the source of foul smells and discomfort. Use rubber mats to keep away moisture from the floor of your car. OxGord’s mats would be great.

Emergency kit

It is very important to have this kit in your vehicle. In case of any unexpected incidences, you are not stranded. If you come across AAA 42 Piece emergency kit, you had better buy it. It comes with several items including a flashlight, car care guide, batteries, duct tape and cable ties.

Steering wheel desk

Occasionally, you have to eat or write something down while inside the car. You need a steering wheel desk for such situations. It holds in place your writing items and food. This prevents spills and drops.

Automatic smart driving assistant

With this, you can always figure out what is wrong with your car. You do not have to call an auto expert. You save on money and time as well. You plug the assistant in your car’s diagnostics port. If you are running out on gas or your engine light is on, you will know what to do.

With the various car accessories on the list, you are able to enjoy extra comfort in your car, drive safely and save time and money. The discussed devices are definitely worth every penny.

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