About Us

We at Ecocarchallenge give best car reviews and information of different car accessories, speakers and car security measures. In every year car designs are getting better, safer, faster and more comfortable.

Brands like Toyota, Mercedes and BMW are taking over todays auto industry market
this is because they make various innovation to the automobiles.

We offer best car reviews on certain devices that makes you more comfortable while in your car hence giving you an easier time while driving. The following are some of the car accessories that you should consider having

  • 2- Inch blind sport mirror – this makes you aware of things happen on the road while driving
  • Air conditioner that helps you do away with any fishy smells particularly from car fuels
  • Flat tire fixer which helps you in case you encounter a flat tire thus you can fix it immediately
  • Seat cushion which gives you comfort thus reduces fatigue while driving for long hours

Car Radar detectors

It’s a hand electronic device which allows you to check when your speed is being measured thus making you slow down. It should have the following features:

A laser detector for laser beam detection from behind or front;

Digital voice alert for notification is case a detection is made;

City modes which helps adjust your radar sensitivity thus no false detections made;

VG-2 and spectro-potector which helps to hide your radar from traffic police.

Since its use is illegal in certain areas and finally a smartphone compatibility this makes it help you get applications that improves your radar experience.

Car security

We offer best car reviews on sensitive measures that helps you keep thieves and regulate number of people entering your car. The security device is smartphone controlled system, has a starter kills thus no one can short circuit your car, has a two-a way feature system, an alarm system that notifies you , has ableto that detects motions and has a device that helps know your car location.